About Rodos

We are your partner and your office in South Korea.

Commodity trading requires global awareness and connections. Rodos companies are leaders in a range of markets worldwide. Building on a decades of trading experience. Our Metals, food and cosmetic and other trading groups have also expanded beyond trading, logistics and operations to pioneer the use of risk-management tools. And Rodos is a leading company specialized in increasing business profit and sales/buy to foreign companies that are looking to export/import in South Korea.

  • Use production capabilities fully
  • Create an alternative sales channel
  • Grow your business
  • Enhance your company’s brand and reputation
  • Increase your sales and profit

For Buyers

For Suppliers

May famous South Korea Brand items are avilable for export. When they are, our good relationships with our manufactures and our extremely competitive shipping rates make us your ideal choice for exports.
When the top name brand is not available, or is too high priced, we offer a wide variety of other brand names. The quality and packaging are just as good, but at a more competitive price. Generics include national brands as well as manufacturer's house labels.
Many companies prefer to have their own name on items they import. This is possible through our Private Label program. If you already have your own name and label designed, we can find the right price and quality to match your market demands. Our Marketing and Design Departments can also help you refine your label once you have indentified the product you want.
We will handle everything from transportation and insurance logistics to foreign currency payments. We absorb the risk of doing international business because we become your local customer rather than you having to deal with an unknown and potentially risky overseas entity
With a multi-lingual staff familiar with different cultural behaviors and business negotiation styles, your company and/or products are never accidentally misrepresented.
We are always able to offer our overseas buyers the most creative and desirable financing option available, many of which aer not available from manufacturers or other trading company directly. Terms such as 30, 60, and even 90 days can be made avilable to foreign buyers.

Rodos' Department

Rodos Metal [www.rodosmetal.com]

Rodos's Metal department exports various steel products to all over the world.  So far, Rodos metal has lived up to the expectations of customer by providing precise specification and reasonable price.

Rodos Cosmetic [www.rodoscosmetic.com]

Demand for Korean Cosmetic is rising these days.
The Cosmetic department serves international cosmetic market with a broad range of korean cosmetic brand.

Rodos Motor

Currently, Rodos is not only supplying used car to Middle East and Middle Asia Market but also deals in parts of car.

Приветствуем покупателей из стран СНГ

Наша компания Rodos предоставляет подробную консультация на русском языке с работниками из стран СНГ. Наша компания Rodos обящает стать вашим лучшим партнёром в бизнесе!

Tradeking Korea [Tradeking.co.kr]

Tradeking korea is the most famous trading forum in korea for korean entrepreneurs and traders, Since 2006. More than 10,000 business members are attending Tradeking Korea.

Rodos Food [Site:Under Construction]

The Food department imports variety of food products in from all over the world which capturing korean tastes, and also exports korean food. Please let us know about hidden tasty to share with the world :)

Rodos Services

Rodos deals with variey items and provide trade agency service.

Возможен запрос на русском языке

В нашей компании Rodos работают специалисты со знанием русского языка. Мы приветствуем запросы на любой товар.

Let's work together!